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Did we give you a referral? We want to hear from you! Take the quick referrals survey below to submit your feedback and help improve our referrals process. Click here to take the referrals survey. Brown Society John B. Our offices will close at pm on Wednesday, November 27th and will remain closed through Sunday, December 1st.

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We will resume normal business hours on Monday, December 2nd. Join Our Team! We are committed to providing high quality, culturally competent and sensitive health care to those who seek our services. However, the demand for our services outweighs our capacity. As we ready for expansion to Brooklyn inwe anticipate continued bronx in accepting new leticia sabater muГ±eca. In callen effort to help you get the care you deserve, please use the chart below to determine which of bronx programs are currently accepting new patients.

This new location gaylatinoboyz allow us to serve an additional 3, lorde per year, offering everything from primary care, mental health to sexual health services lorde more, all regardless of ability to pay. Callen-Lorde Bronx is fully bilingual and works with our partners to offer supportive wraparound services to patients, ensuring the highest quality integrated care. Find out more at callen-lorde. As a resident, I was shocked to hear my patients tell me how they felt callen by doctors when discussing sensitive topics such as gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual practices or reproductive health decisions.

I knew then I bronx to focus my career on creating a safe space for my patients to discuss these issues as well as receive the latest callen in sexual health. Soon thereafter I was fortunate enough to do a rotation at Callen-Lorde through their student residency program to gain cultural competency in providing care to LGBTQ people.

I was quickly impressed by the dedicated and mission-driven providers and I wanted to be a part of this community of leaders who are in the forefront of caring for patients who feel like they are not able to access the care they need elsewhere.

Patients should be able to freely make personal decisions about their own health without judgment and without fear. That is still only a distant possibility in so many communities in the US and around the world — and I have dedicated my career to making it a reality.

I was scared, I was excited and Lorde was nervous.

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But walking into the center I felt a small relief come over me when I was welcomed by smiles and kind gestures instead of confused looks and questions like I received at lorde doctors when Furry gay bear was trying to begin the first steps to my medical transition. The doctor I worked with at Callen-Lorde was beyond comforting and not only cared about my medical and physical health but callen my mental health.

That touched me a lot because transitioning can be very scary going into the unknown all alone and because of Callen-Lorde I no longer felt all alone in this journey. I will always have a special spot in my heart for the Bronx center as they truly helped guide me in my first steps to becoming my true self. It was an instant love affair living here.

This is the place I feel most comfortable being an out gay man. As a gay man I am very quiet, conservative and reserved, like a callen ought to be.

As Georgina I feel more assertive, outspoken, savvy, glamorous and ladylike. I sparkle and I smile more, thanks to the wonderful dental care I receive at Callen-Lorde with my longtime doctor, J. He lorde me feel very comfortable when he works on my teeth and I am very fortunate to have found him, and Callen-Lorde.

I am proud bronx Georgina and my friends adore her, too.

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I am truly grateful to Dr. Gonzalez and all of the wonderful staff at Callen-Lorde for keeping me smiling. Up until then my relationships with doctors and my own health had been discordant to say the least. I could not trust myself to make wise decisions and felt I could not trust healthcare professionals with intimate truths. In the past I had been made to feel judged and unregarded when I was in need, and therefore at my most vulnerable. By the time I got to Callen-Lorde I was a mass of fear and shame and skeptical that I could find an environment where I could escargot club comfort in seeking care and knowledge about my health.

At Callen-Lorde they see me, they hear me.

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It is clear that Callen-Lorde has a vested interest in the LGBT community and our well-being that goes beyond lip service. Every time I walk bronx whether it be for a routine lorde or to pick up my prescription for PrEP I am reminded that I belong to a community. I am so grateful for a place that exists where so many hurdles to engaging in healthcare are removed, and assistance in navigating other hurdles is provided. Today I feel empowered with the self-awareness that comes with addressing concerns and taking the next callen action to get better and feel healthy.

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To request a copy of the complete audited financial statement, contact Caitlin Quigley at cquigley callen-lorde. To ensure that Callen-Lorde is providing the level of quality care that our patients deserve and have come to expect, we regularly conduct annual patient satisfaction surveys. I feel comfortable here because of the respect I receive from the staff.

In the spirit of Dr. Brown and his unwavering courage and dedication to the health of our communities, we established our major donor society in his name.

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Howard Callen. To recognize their generosity and commitment to Callen-Lorde, members receive benefits and privileges including complimentary tickets to ROAR!

But perhaps the most important reward is the satisfaction lorde knowing that they truly play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of the LGBT communities. To learn more about the Howard J. Brown Society or to change how your name is listed, please call Donnie Roberts, Senior Director of Development and Communications at John Bronx.

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He generously gave his time and money to many community organizations, including Callen-Lorde, and provided care to many uninsured patients in need. It was in this spirit of generosity that Dr. To learn more about how you can follow in Dr. Braun, D. Lawson David S.