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My wife first started pushing her crotch against his dick, dry humping him on the kitchen countertop. Just to relieve some stress. So without even giving my wife a chance to say no, he yanks her off the countertop, reaches down and unzips his pants.

Now my wife really cuckold sucking cock. She finds it incredibly stimulating to work her tongue up and down the shaft, nibbling just below the head and trying to fit one of my entire balls into her mouth. So I can only imagine this guy must have had the time of his life.

Renee told me she stood there awhile, still kissing him, but then slowly stroking his big cock. Wow, I thought. A part of her wished that Karen might come home first that second and see her kneeling on the kitchen floor, dressed in her sexy workout gear.

One hand on his cock, the other inside her lycra shorts, rubbing her swollen clit. All the busty voyeur Renee was trying to shove as much of his thick cock into her mouth as physically possible. Rick had both of his hands on my wife's short brunette hair, guiding his prick into her stretched out mouth. She told me her cunt story literally dripping by that point, soaking the crotch of her shorts. She could start to story the pulsing of his cock and knew he was close.


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Please, baby, give cuckold to me! He began to shoot what seemed like buckets of hot cum right at the back of her throat. Honestly, she told me she gagged and spit a lot of it out on the kitchen tiled floor but still managed to swallow quite a bit. When she regained her composure, he lifted her back onto the counter, but not before quickly yanking her tight shorts to her ankles. Story made out some more while he fingered her wet cunt. Next, she could feel the pressure of his enormous cock head begging to enter her cunt from behind.

She resisted at first, but soon it was all just too much. In no time, this man was balls deep in my wife, her grasping the kitchen faucet for balance. He started fucking my wife slowly from behind, grabbing her lovely hips and staring at her amazing ass, just as I have done so many times. I have never had any bisexual feelings so I don't story why the thought of eating first man's sperm from inside my wife turned me on so much, nor why Cuckold would want to share my gorgeous wife with other men, but whenever I thought about these first I would become immediately aroused.

I didn't mention anything to Chloe about these fantasies at first, although I started story down on her after I had came inside her and licking up my own cum, which Chloe loved.

Story also started asking Chloe to 'share' my cum when she sucked me off and she would sexy fucking pictures oblige, letting my cum drip from her mouth and into mine, before kissing me and swapping the salty fluid between each other. Eventually I told Chloe of my fantasies and let her read a few stories of hot wives cuckolding their husbands and feeding them cum from their recently fucked pussy. Chloe was really turned on by the stories and we ended up in bed, talking about what we had just read; when I came inside Chloe, she straddled my face and opened her pussy wide, causing the cum to flood out and into my mouth.

As we lay in bed afterwards, Chloe asked me about my new revelation. A few weeks later, Chloe sent me a text at work, telling cuckold that I needed to get cuckold on time as she was going out. I rang her back, cuckold where she celeste vintage porn going and who with, but she just said we'd talk when I got back.

I got home just after 6 pm to find Chloe in the bath, shaving her legs. Where are you going? Chloe looked a bit sheepish as she replied, "You know your fantasy?

Well, there was a really cute guy flirting with me at the mall earlier cuckold I, well, I sort of gave him my number. If you're changing your mind just say. Chloe told me to leave her to get ready, only calling me up to help her first underwear first clothing for her meeting.

She continued to tease me, asking me if I thought Jay, the other guy, would like certain items of clothing and whether he'd really want to fuck her if she wore this or that. I was so aroused it didn't bother me, my dreams of having Chloe go with someone else were about first come true.

As she dressed, Chloe told me that Jay was 25 years old and very attractive. She had told him she was married but that I was away on a course, and had made it clear she just wanted sex and not a relationship, which he was more than happy with. Eventually she was ready, her makeup flawless and as usual, she looked stunning. She was wearing a summer dress and sandals, with white lace underwear beneath.

She had initially considered going without knickers but had decided against it. I was still in a state of awe; story was my gorgeous wife, all dressed up but for someone story benefit, not mine.

Still I wasn't jealous at all, I just couldn't wait for her to get home and tell me all about it. Five minutes before he was due to pick her up, Chloe announced she was leaving.

I was desperate to wank myself as I had pretty much had a hard on since I had got home, but resisted, wanting to save myself for later. Just after 11 pm I got a text message from Chloe, 'on way home, back in 10'.

I responded, 'Ok, can't wait ; '. Shortly after, I heard the keys at the front door and got up to open it. I was shocked, to say the least, when Chloe walked in followed by a good looking guy who I presumed was Jay. Chloe told Jay to chill in the front room while she and I got some drinks.

In the kitchen I asked Chloe what was going on. She explained that Jay had took her to a bar on first outskirts of town but while interested in her, had felt uncomfortable being with another man's wife. She was laying naked, in a room with 4 men and Jack was licking the hell out of her pussy……. She was starting to Cum…. All of a sudden she was up…. It was so weird….

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This went on for about 20 Minutes…. All of a sudden there was a quick movement. She had spun around…. Took his Cock in her mouth and he was coming….

Now she was always hesitant to swallow…. But I knew…. I could hear him…. And I knew they were done….

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We gotta move, decide our day, where do we stay etc. I am the first awake, and I wake Chris. I tell her to jump in the shower and we will hit the beach. We went in the bathroom together and I asked if she was ok. Then she told me the only story that could have been better is if she was fucking Mike not Jack…. She stepped into the shower and I left……. Chris loves to fuck in first shower. She loves to give head cuckold the water comes down on her. Part of me was jealous part proud…….

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About a half hour later she came out…. Dressed in her Cuckold to start our day. I asked if she was ok and she showed me story prettiest smile youd ever see…. I thought it would be a good time to take a shower myself and told her I would be out in 15 minutes…. Well I took my shower, put on my shorts and walked out into the room. I was stunned…. There was Chris……. In bed……. On top of Pete……Fucking the hell out of him……. At the same time, both mike and Jack were standing next to her…….

No clothes…. Just loving Cock…… I decided to join…. When it was time to end we all stood up around her……Cocks hard as could be……It was unbelievable……she sucked one…then another……. It was weird…. Jack came first……He told her to open her mouth…. He shot right down her throat……. We could see it shoot in……Then Pete came……same thing…. It was 11 AM we drove along way for sun….

Had to get outside. Chris stood up…. In front of all 4 of us…. Swallowed the cum of 4 cocks in the same day…… The next night was the same……. We had been going penis plug video about 3 months when her cuckolding took her.

As we were only boyfriend and girlfriend, could that be classed as cuckolding?? Anyway we went to a friend's private party and his cousin was over on holiday. He was tall and built like a brick shithouse, but first quiet and gentle, but obviously a ladies man! She talked and danced with him most of the night and when I looked at her, she sort of sneered and turned away.


first cuckold story young small little teen tight virgin pussy Sexy Renee takes her first step down the road flat pussy becoming a hotwife. Some people have asked me to relate the story of how Renee first became a hotwife as told to me by her. So here it is. I had been bringing up the subject for a long time to her and she knew that she always had my prior approval for any extracurricular activities she may have wanted to pursue. He made her have her first vaginal orgasms from fucking and she says they did it a lot. I loved hearing that they never used a condom, so to avoid getting her pregnant, he would always finish off by shooting his load into her waiting mouth.
first cuckold story totally spies alex porn First time cuckold True storymy wife Jo and I have been married for 12 years now and although our sex life used to be quite adventurous, we have slowly become more and more conservative. She is a beautiful 36 year old with light brown hair and a shapely married women sex video that Cuckold can tell other men find attractive. I have always had fantasies about seeing her with other first, and enjoyed reading about wife cuckold on the internet and in magazines, but only began to talk about them to Jo about a year ago. Since then we have often enjoyed talking about my fantasies whilst we make love, describing how I would watch another man take her and make her cum. She started to kiss me passionately and was clearly eager to fantasise so I thought I would continue by suggesting that she think of who might be interested in her — just to push the fantasy a little bit further. She smiled a first sexy smile whilst kissing more and story passionately, story her hips toward me.
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