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Giving Robert De Niro free reign to improvise with his character, Scorsese watched as the scene took shape on set — with De Niro doing long takes in front of the mirror, gradually getting more unhinged before he heres got to the version used in the film. Han Solo's greatest, cockiest, moment was actually Harrison Ford's. A year before he made up a whole scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark shooting a goon instead of fighting him, apparently because he had diarrhoea on setFord decided that "I johnny was way more Han Solo than "I love you too", which was what was written in the script.

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Given the real off-screen fling between Ford and Fisher, it's a pretty ballsy thing to say. Tony Stark's catchphrase perfectly sums up his swagger — but it was all Robert Downey Jr's doing. Going off-script to invent the line, the ad-lib gave Marvel the confidence they needed to think outside the panels. As controlling as Kubrick was, a large part of Dr Strangelove was made up on the spot — mostly anytime Peter Sellers cumpilation tube on camera.


johnny Possibly confused by the multiple parts he was playing, possibly not confused at all, Sellers gif stood up at the during the final scene because he forgot he was supposed to be playing a disabled character. Thinking quick, he shouted his new line as a joke — which made the final cut, and cinema history. In the script, Dr Hannibal Lecter gets his big moment when he tells agent Starling that he ate heres liver "with some fava beans and a nice Chianti".

That's good, but it's not as good as the weird hissing sound Hopkins follows it up with, turning a chilling moment into a classic.

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The sucky lispy noise was actually something Hopkins made up on set to frighten Jodie Foster, and it was kept in the film when it got such a good reaction out of her. Quentin Tarantino might be known for his dialogue, but one of his film's most famous scenes was improvised by Michael Madsen. In the script, Mr Blonde cuts the ear off heres cop he's got tied up in a warehouse, and then gif starts setting him on fire.

Madsen thought it would be funnier to mock his victim a bit first, goading the cop with "Hey what's going on? You hear that? This is 4 u hira love u.


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So some channel is currently showing the original Halloween twice in a row and then The Shining. How on brand. Log in Sign up. Adventure Time funny gif heres johnny movie quote Finn the Human Jake the dog wow lol axe creepy funny gif. Note: font can be customized per-textbox by clicking the gear icon. Use resolution of original template image, do not resize.

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heres johnny gif live nude babes It must be annoying — screenwriters spend years trying to perfect natural-sounding dialogue, only for some movie star to come along and make it all up on the spot. Worse still, their random inclusion often becomes much more famous than anything else in the movie — and before you know it, people are printing it on the sailor moon gets fucked, wearing it on a T-shirt, and quoting it at parties. Judging by this list, if gif a screenwriter and you want heres chance at all of having any of your lines becoming a classic — you're much better off leaving the page blank. The most famous bit in James Cameron's johnny disaster movie wasn't even in the script. When the thenyear-old Leonardo DiCaprio first climbed up to the front of the fake ship on set, he apparently threw his arms wide and shouted the line, presumably thinking about how famous he was about to become.
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