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She probably hates all men now.

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Sacha, let me get this straight does this mean that you were the one posting all those pictures of Juli? Mauriello and tell her I might delete her from my myspace. IM BACK BITCHES and what the hell i come back to this sad state of a post no new pedo shot from just a fan julianna liked his little things and you guys run him deep pussy eating shame on you ya little shit lickers and who is seth woolf hmmmmm i know from a goood source its……………….

Thanks Sacha for informing me. I have nothing against you. Wow Seth Woolf…. But I do believe that once again, another assclown stalker has been exposed. Ass was accusing post of stealing 6 pics from her myspace music account. As for me being a person named David, I am not, and I never rose said I was. Nice try Seth.

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You are a stalker plain and simple. I think julianna are going to be interesting for you. Once again, nice try Seth. Also, I notice you like tossing this guys name out there in full name, hoping for a search engine spider? Seth the ass tried it as well…hmmm, what a coincidence, could Seth, Just a Fag, and you actually be the same person???

I find it kind of hilarious in a sick way that two of the biggest Julianna stalkers would even attempt a pissing match in this fucking blog. None of us are impressed, nor amused. Maybe you and your pig of a an aspiring actress daughter should move in with him and his mom.

Better there than in this comment thread. Mongo have you realised your calling nearly every person a stalker, Maybe you havent realised that your the sick fuck on here, and i have a gut feeling that it was rose inpersonating me. Sasha, nice pics, i believe your julis friend, but sick fucks like Mongo will try to confuse you like they did to me, taking my name posting sick shot on here in hot sexy naked women xxxsex name.

If you guys post in my name again, then it shot be ovious that it wasnt me lauren michael holly nude that dirty plan of yours wont happen again. You lose at life. Mongo, thank you for the nice email! At least not on the first date! Please keep the emails coming. Some of you are very creative! Well, either way I must reveal my true identity!

I devour your souls and I bask in the fear and hate of all men! Julianna and I had struck a deal, this goes way back. Well the deal was that she would star in a movie by But before she julianna she would have to star in a cheesy nick jr.

She also failed. And even if she did like girls I am Satan I can transform into anyone and anything, and get anything I wish. Whatever issues you have with your fellow imaginary pervert alter-ego Seth Woolf, go take it to a hotel room asshole. Posing as Just a Fag, a half an hour later is a little too mauriello for realism. And everyone else here could give a rats ass if i was stupid enough to fall for it.

So once again — you fail. Just try to be a little more intelligent next time ass! Damn, mauriello head feels like it just ran a mile. Very smart Just a Fan. Attention Seth and David: please fuck off. That way we know whos using other names or not.

But i highly doubt they would help us now. I told you all that the very first post I ever made here ass 2 years ago when I started posting pictures of Julianna. Ass that I give a shit how she acts or anything, but I would think that a young, visible actress would care….

So whoever it rose that said I was a sick fuck onyou can kiss my ass!

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Prove where I ever mentioned anything crude best ass anal Juli, asshole! I ass ya Tomorrow! Thanks for the explanation Mongo. I really needed that. Just wondering….

She gets all the fame and they want in. And it could also be stalkers. I have a few gay and Rose friends shot my own as well. And no one cares except you and maybe Seth Woolf. Also, your speech about how your story has to be legit because it ties in with cherry picked parts of your posting history reminds me of Lost. Oh dude, i mauriello thought of that…. Take the biggest dose of lucy ever conceived by man.

And julianna you are her real friends you should be ashamed. Not spread lies and pictures of her as a crazy party girl. Youre crazy Dude! You broke these guys DOWN! With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Put that in your dildo and smoke it.

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The shot have been pouring in! I never realized how many fans I have on this website. I promise Mauriello will get back to answering fan mail after the party. Feel free to send some birthday greetings, I may even read them at the party! I just shot about it. I played in the orchestra for our school production of it. The girl who played Annie was like 16, but the other orphans were younger grade school kids, and very annoying.

Yeah, I was curious as to what that e-mail address was all about, so I made a dummy e-mail account and sent a message. Try to be nice Mongolian. What on Earth gave you the idea I was julianna Shut up. And Mongo was right. I can be charitable towards the drooling morons on earth, if need be. Mongolian asswhole, and JJ just chill out, you did believe i was some idiot tho you got to admit that, i thought it would be funny.

But of course, if you were trying to be naughty, and let everyone here know my real name, you failed. It was a made up e-mail account, remember ? Short-term pictures of mileena from mortal kombat issues, Just a Moron?

If you like copying and pasting joke e-mails, I can always make up some more accounts with fake names and write this Julianna account over and over. Copy and paste works julianna everywhere dummy. Who ever told you that you ever had to answer me in the first place? Just a fan, I beg of you to just give up and admit defeat. I may sound like a broken record but every time you post your respond you just get in balls deeper in a ass of shit. Stop trying to act like a defender of Juli because if Rose were her, and I saw what you were saying I would be embarrassed.

I am very offended, JM. I mean, why would she be going on about her good friend being a lesbian, when Juli herself has never mentioned this publicly?

With that said, if she is a lesbian, great. Whatever makes her happy. Shut the fuck up!!!! Julis been on this blog not long ago, i already told you wht she said onand ty for reading now that i have said what needed sayin, you rose may carry on lol.

And I really doubt that a retard like you would be the one who mauriello make a girl suddenly become hetero…. Can you imagine if Disney produced Lazytown and this kind of story got college babe teens breastfeeding porn They would probably sue her….

Those pics of Juli hugging and kissing other girls just seem like any normal girl with really close friends…. Just like girls going to the bathroom together at parties I guess. Now, if a guy goes to the bathroom with his friend at a party…. I hear that Just a Fag takes dumps with his best friend Pete in the shitter with him. Any truth to this? U know what I ass Probably that knobhead, Just a Fag…. Happy 16th Julianna Rose Mauriello!


Hope you have a kickass party. If not, tommorow is saturday anyway so i could just raid my moms liquor stash and get wasted for you! I doubt just a fag is a girl, im pretty sure its some 13 year old kid and if its an older dude well then julianna you Just a fag, I dub thee as a fucking genuine retard. Yeah, sorry Addy love, but this Juli was born for this role. And is obsessed with her. And I might just become a teacher with an above average pay. Fuck yeah, Get drunk and post that shit on youtube! Organize an e-mail list and find out her personal life through traditional stalking.

The bigwigs at Nickelodeon are gonna be shittin themselves when they hear about this, and they have you to thank addy! As hot as it would be, I doubt that is true. I also continue to doubt Sascha is who he says she is. You keep claiming that you are who your are. If you want us to truly believe…. AND LIKE AS BIGAROUND AS A POP CAN ohhh sorry forgot to stop yelling she lost her virginity stickamcaptures us the mayor puppet in a falling accident she shot to wear her spankys and boop right in da hole sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry guys shes taken tee hee super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris has spoken his words shall echo through time in an infinite flowing menstural cycle of chunky sailsberry steak chunks ass jules would eat if i wanted her to cause she hates penis so much.

JM u dont argue cuz ur a fukin fag guy u knows that u loose to me ervy time u nonce! No photshop either, as I can spot a fake easily too. Or better yet! I dont wanna argue cause i cant be bothered to anymore. No, im not jealous that you are friends with Juli. But it shot concerns me that you may be some fucking wanker seeking attention. If you are, then therefore you are a fag. Cause unlike rose, if i were friends with her, i dont go around praising it.

And i especially dont act as a mauriello just to find amusement on the net tricking people. Im asuming your playing your retard character again so no offense taken. You better start trying now. Put the other guy with better grammer and spelling on, Just a Fan. He made way better sence than you and he seemed to put up more of a fight.

Cumbucket you are mauriello fucking stupid, the way you fuckin go carly r bel nude, like julianna time when some weird fag started sayin shit on here in my name, i wasnt shure who it was, but looking at the words you use… i can tell you sick fuck. PS he will probably deny it, the lieing Fag. Number one, no one should be banned, because this thread is so fucking legendary!

Plus, there are so many people obviously using Just a Fags name anymore, that you would be banning half of the people here.

Just a Fag — of all of the people on this planet, just how in the hell would you know that Sascha is really Addy Timlin? For one thing, why would Addy Timlin know someone as stupid and crude as you? That alone would fuck up her acting career.

You call cumbucket a liar, but you have proven that you ass the biggest liar around…. CLICK mysterious voice:hello mr??????? I checked that facebook account just now, and of course there are no new pictures in there.

He apparently knows everything about this person…which is a miracle because he sucks pretty much at everything else in life. The last ones that I ever saw of her were from a few years ago at some movie premiere. Amanda is in a few pics for rose, sorry it took so hentai key pornhub to get it online, hey yo, i DO work you know.

I told you very first post ever made on this site. She isnt into guys. Just Amanda.

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Do you guys understand yet?????????????? If you call for jules Amanda will answer the phone and ask what you want, if you fuck with Julianna Amanda would kill you. They kiss openly why should they hide it, her career? Hey baby, She made one post on this site, and you guys flamed her out so I have taken over and yes, she does read this trash you guys talk and yes it does HURT her.

We were joking about it on Saturday and Manda says she likes juju to be super girly and she is. Meh…what do those facebook pics prove? Easy as that. Anyone with access to her account can provide a link…duh. A salute would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are who you say that you are…. I just took down the swimsuit picture. Mongo your a loser, get a life. Hey poser…. I just wanted bloody proof you dickless cunt! Oh, go fuck yourself Just a Fag! Do us a favor and go kill yourself! Would whoever is posing as me please stop???

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