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Opal's like a b-cup or something. No one else has a particularly big bust, Asami and Korra don't. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Give me Liberty, or give me Death! User Info: Soradawn. What is it with all of the female characters having unrealistic breast size in most anime?

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The only Avatar female I can think with a large breast size is Ty Lee. Soradawn posted And that depends on the shot. User Info: rexcrk.

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None of the characters in the Avatar universe have unrealistic breast sizes. Except maybe Ty Lee as has been mentioned. But even then, just because she has big breasts doesn't mean it's unrealistic. People look like that in real life too. But the thing that makes Woody bare camel toe, is he'll never give up on you He'll be there for you, no matter what.

Think of it this way, if you lost your penis, would you cry about it? I think you would cry, because losing a special gift you were born with can't be fun. One last thing, I can't fix all of your spelling mistakes, Mr. Mature 19 year old, but here's an easy way to remember how to spell Tarrlok.

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Yes that makes a lot more sense I was certain Amon mentioned something about audience, that's from which I started the premise that it was all about the show. My mistake But that penis-special thing is still difficult to comprehend, penis doesn't change my life drastically, bending does - it's korra the most powerful weapon till recent inventions Asami's father brought to world, and I am just sympathizing with those normalos, it seamed to me that benders are feeling pretty repulsive about not-benders, and distanced from them, the world is build legend a way that suits benders big south african butts best.

Everytime they lost a bender it was as if he died, too much sorrow, but again this is just my personal opinion, so I cannot claim this as a fact. I feel that the action and events of the show is forced in order to make everything fit. Every character seams unreal, with actions that are boobs a sadly shallow nature kids show.

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I didn't thought maturity was measured by how many spelling mistakes were made in a post, but I'll let that be your problem. I didn't mean to say you were immature, I just figured, since you commented on your studying, that you'd be anal about spelling like I am. And yes he did say something about an audience but that wasn't his main point.

I agree with your opinion that the characters seem shallow, and maybe it is a kid's show, but I think I would watch it regardless of who it's made for. I feel like it's a good show and have seen most episodes twice yes I'm aware I'm a inari vachs analso naturally I care more and have retained more facts. So I won't hold your opinion against you.

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May 9th at PM Eh, well you know. Big Smoky. May 9th at PM New clip. HidingGames Awesomebender.

Agreed Im looking at you, Korra's boobs - # added by rainbowtacos at Boom

The Cabbage man lives on through legacy!!! Also, you know it's serious when Tenzin and Tarlock agree.

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Mai4eternity Michiru's House o Leaves. Michiru's House o Leaves. May 9th at PM Using Tahno posters as target practice. May 9th at PM They made it longer? And Cabbage Corp is actually real? May 9th at PM Darn spoilers that I cannot avoid watching.

Wow, Tenzin and Tarlok agree?

THE BOOB GRAB IS REAL | Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra | Know Your Meme

The more Tahno, the better. May 9th at PM Hmmm. Deal with it. May 9th at PM I hope note, if only because that would lend credence to the "Korra is arrogant and lacks empathy argument I hear on here from time to time and I find it irksome. May 9th at PM Windweaver: Cher? May 9th at PM Tarrlok agrees?!? No,this can't be, Ace with a Podao. May 9th at PM So. Someone started a Tahno voice Blog They need to work out some mic issues, but damn, that's a really close imitation. Mattonymy Mr.


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legend of korra boobs 4tube gay We get some insanity now and then. Someone pored over dozens or even hundreds of pictures of breasts to compare to Korra's bust and determine the best possible estimation of her exact cup size. Eh, well you know. New clip. Darn Chi Blockers I wonder how Korra's going to convince the Council to allow the match?
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