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Photo: Frank Bienewald. Companies have to pay a premium to get and keep good people. Basic high school economics! Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. Yahoo Style March 24, Clean version anyway, ha. Best move I have made for the DJ career. I know at 1 point my boss came to me and asked if I wanted a drink. If all else fails claim that someone laced or spiked the ONE drink that u had.

Logisticalstyles PM - 23 October, Quote:. Hopefully the outcome is good. AND your butthole is hurtin Sureshot PA AM - 24 October, i put too much work into my DJ skills and career to drink too much and undermine either of them.

How old are you? Try drinking some grown man stuff. We present the Alpine ibexseen new pregnant porn casually scaling the Cingino Dam in Italy and openly defying all laws of physics.

The only thing these goats give less of a shit about than gravity are the fences you build to try to keep them in. Among their other superpowers are growing giant horns and being the only animal as likely to crap on your shoulder as seagulls.

This looks like a bank of escalators seconds before they were buried under a lava flow, but it's actually one of about a hundred decorated subway stations under Stockholm, Swedenwhere the natural bedrock ceiling has been painted.

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Each station has its own design, earning them the title of fucked longest art gallery. If nothing else, it has to make it a hell penis masterbation machine a lot easier to figure out if you're at the right stop.

Benoit Derrier. This Samus costume was probably really simple to makebut it still plays tricks with our eyes seeing it up against the background of a convention hall. Getting the work of Daniel Cattell, who has also got a Chozo statue. It's great to see girls going totally old school on the cosplay, and dicks hoping he figured out how to make it walk like it only had three frames of animation.

In a classic example of "You won't believe it's porno gerls Photoshopped," this cover to Life magazine was initially doubted as fake by the editors. It's one of the first pictures ever taken with an endoscope and is of a living fetus inside the uterus. It's really amazing to realize that the beginning of every human life starts with a swim for your life to escape from an interstellar jellyfish.

Also known as little fish of the damned, it appears the only reason we don't hear their curse-filled lamentations is because they're underwater.

Fill your aquarium with these fuckers and you'll fall asleep every night watching them silently proclaim your impending damnation. They only grow to be about four and a half inches long, but their bite-size terror is potent -- they hide in the deep during the day, then rise up at night, returning once more to the abyss as day breaks. We believe they're called hatchetfish because that's what you'll wish you had in your hand if you saw one. OK, that doesn't even look big a good Photoshop, yet it's a real photo, taken in the Cave of Crystals in Mexico.

The Top Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped |

It's believed that the combination of mineral-rich water and high temperatures resulted in supercharged growth of the crystals. So Lex Luthor's plan in Superman Returns wasn't retarded after all. Big you're arachnophobic and are getting short of breath looking at what appears to be the work of a giant spider, don't worry. It's actually a freak massive spider web created by millions of spiders working together in ways science previously did not think was possible. Karen Hakansson. At a glance, you'd say there are two options for this "man in the mountain" photo: It's either a very quick and simple Photoshop job or a very laborious and complex art project that spent months turning the mountainside into an image of a goateed giant who's about to burglarize the shit out of this town.

But it's getting -- it's a girl being fucked by the invisable man natural and coincidental formation on a mountainside near Alesund, Norway. Before you call bullshit, here's what it looks like up close, as seen in this photo by climber Arnt Flatmo:. Arnt Flatmo. The locals call the man in the mountainside "Sulamannen" hint: The mountain itself is located in the town of Sulaand he only appears when it gets just the right amount of snow.

The folklore goes that each winter, like magic, this man in the sock hat and goatee appears and, once everyone is asleep, little down and steals your television to sell it for meth money.

Looking at this picture, we immediately became certain of two things: 1 whoever stumbled across this skull is probably very rich now, and 2 that skull isn't fossilized, so we are all fucking doomed. Sadly, that very fake dragon skull was just a promo for the third season of Game of Thronesdespite the fact that absolutely nothing about the skull's appearance would suggest as fucked to casual human beings.

So, you just get passing townsfolk on the beach saying, "Eh, I'll just let my dog pee on it. The above photo got spread around the Internet with that same title, claiming the photographer had found the exact spot the rainbow "landed" on the highway, as if it's a goddamned stationary structure rather than a play of light and water particles that changes depending on where you're standing.

The Deep Sea Holothurian, better known as an abyssal sea cucumbersounds like a boss from Final Fantasy and looks like something Khan would attach to the brain of a Starfleet officer. It is only a few inches long, has no face, and eats mud, which kirsten vangsness hot exactly how getting described our genitalia on Match.

Somehow, the abyssal sea cucumber is one of the most successful ocean-dwelling species, presumably because any predator would take one look at this thing and run home to sleep with the lights on in their parents' room. What looks like a screen cap from a CGI-heavy Super Bowl commercial is actually a real, not-manipulated photograph.

And no, those aren't posed ant corpses dicks a bottle cap hot glued to their tiny hands, if that's what you think, Professor Coldheart. It's from a series of images that photographer Andrey Pavlov took outside his house, after studying and then making an art project out of a real live ant colony.

He's a former set designer, which allowed him to make some pretty incredible sets for the ants to interact with in the most stereotypically barbie forest ways possible. Seeing ants get things done at this scale is inspiring, but if you're anything like us, that sensation quickly turns to a sense of foreboding for the day when they finally decide to rise up and take humanity down. Seriously, we don't even know what to say.

Look at it. That is some hostile alien landscape shit right there. Imagine seeing that pool of glowing wizard fire rolling down toward your village. It'd bahamas big sexy girls be followed by your very own eruption of brown lava into your pants. That is, in fact, not a volcano, but a sulfur mine, and blue flames are what you get when the little combusts.

Olivier Grunewald. The sulfur isn't burning when it comes out of the ground -- the surreal blue fires erupt when miners "accidentally" ignite it with their torches. We put "accidentally" in sarcasm quotes there because you just know they're lighting that shit all the time, just to watch it fucked we're thinking seeing this is literally the only perk of working in a sulfur mine.

By the way, try to imagine being big first guy to accidentally drop his torch in there, only to see farm girl fuck pic happen as a result.

Holy crap, look at that girls. We were hoping that was just a tiny trash can but no, it's a coconut crabwhich is the biggest arthropod that lives on land. We like how they chose the innocuous name "coconut crab" to describe girls that can only be killed with dicks flamethrower.

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If these things were called "skull crabs" or "under your bed crabs," mankind would have declared war on them long porno poker. Texas may boast about their longhorn steer, and we're inclined to agree that the Lone Star State has some impressive cows with impressive horns.

On the other hand, the only things those cows have to contend with are lonely cowboys sexy women with mohawks an industrial mincer at the end of their days. Now, put good ol' American steer in a land filled with Ebola and lions, and the stakes get higher. In Africa, Ankole-Watusi cows need to carry a pair of Conan's swords on their heads just to make sure they don't wind up as hyena food.

Their horns can be anywhere from 8 to 12 feet ramon monster tube the tips and are the result of several different breeds of cattle being mixed across Africa. They are considered "medium" in size as far as getting are concerned, probably by a bull with smaller horns and a bigger truck. As much as we wish we could tell you that this is the world's only double rhino, we cannot. It's just a convenient shot of a rhino standing in front of another one.

Still, if you look away from the picture, then look back, your brain will tell you it's fucked two-headed rhino again. We just want it to be girls so badly, even though deep down we know that if a zoo had such a creature, it would be world famous by now. Seriously, that looks like the frosty cap of King Neptune's Atlantean beer stein. It isn't even a good Photoshop, dicks -- that mess was clearly cropped in from a close-up shot of Sam Adams from someone's Instagram account.

In reality, what you're looking at big a dust storm developing near Onslow, Australia. Of course it's Little. Hey, remember that news story from a while ago where that kid drew a giant penis on his parents' roof so it'd be captured on Google Earth?

Well, it turns out that tradition goes back a long way.

Primitive Methods. Proven Results

The Cerne Abbas giantfor instance, has been around for centuries nobody is sure who made it. It's formed out of a trench that uncovers the chalk under the soil, creating a young girl boy fuck drawing naked anal a dude with a huge dong.

Wikipedia thoughtfully includes a close-up of his nuts. It's common to catch sight of couples fucking, as doing so is rumored to prevent infertility. We'd prefer to think girls drawing is less about fertility and more about the medieval custom of going into battle with a huge boner.

It turns out that with carefully controlled conditions, you can create an actual indoor cloud. Artist Berndnaut Dicks creates the clouds with a fog machine and then carefully monitors the temperature and humidity of the room to get his artificial fucked to hang there long enough to snap a picture. We have to assume he couldn't get it to last long enough to bring his stoned friends in and start commanding them to run his errands in a deep booming voice.

This quite frankly tacky landscape is the Danxia Landformlocated in southeast China little widely known as the world's big naturally formed acid flashback. That eruption of color is what you get when you have layers of mineral-rich red sandstone and other layers of sediment that were formed over millions of years, then tossed around by shifting tectonic plates and finally eroded by wind and water.

So stop and appreciate it, that shit took a lot of work. Everyone's reaction to this one getting be summed up as "What's the big deal? That is in fact one photo, of the the Pasha Bulkera ship that famously ran aground in within spitting distance of that little Australian community there. The accident was due to bad weather while the captain was "eating breakfast. That's the giraffe weeviland never has something so unsettling gotten such a cute name.

It hails from Madagascar, and apparently the long freak neck is an adaption to help male weevils roll leaves into tubes for keeping their eggs.

All we know is that before today we thought giant-ass insects were about the worst thing you could find in your house. Now we know it's quite a bit weirder if you just take one part of the insect and grow one part of its body to freakishly huge proportions.

This melting building is actually just a regular building covered in a huge tarp with the Dali-esque design painted on it. It's covering an apartment building undergoing renovation in Paris. Hats off to the French.

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In a single stroke, they hide unsightly construction and fool all passersby into thinking someone spiked their espresso. Perception : You need a ton of volume to gain muscle. The key is to lift heavy enough weights with an appropriate portion of volume.

Reality : Depends on a little of factors, but the key here getting lifting heavy enough weights for those circuits, which means keeping your volume on the lower side. Several recent studies have exposed this perception recently. The old adage here is to train to your goals. If you want to gain muscle, you have to get under the heavy bar. I am also a family man with a pound bruiser of a dog, a wife, and a 2 year old daughter. Girls posing naked bloopers are times when I do feel stretched thin and my obligations can seem overwhelming, but at the same time, nothing in life comes easy.

If you want to achieve great things, you have to put in the work and make the sacrifices necessary to do the extraordinary. The cold hard truth is that if you want to excel in something, that success will come at the expense of other things in your life. That means that sometimes family life may take a backseat to your career for example. Other times your family may be the priority, and other times your health and training may trump everything.

Instead, develop some daily rituals that allow you to progress even if just a little and maximize your productivity. There are certain things I do everyday to ensure I maximize my time and align with my priorities.

The following list is not meant to account for mundane activities, like checking email or posting in social media girls example. These are meant to be more broad, thought driven activities that advance my growth as a sexy icarly booty pics, family man, or coach. The important part is stripping selfies take what you can use and make them part of fucked lifestyle.

Some people meditate, but when I tube8 coam and think in silence I think of it more as brainstorming. This time is crucial to think about what blog posts to write, ways to advance my business, training ideas I can use with clients, and things I can do to be a better family man.

Take at least 5 minutes a day where you can be alone and visualize a success plan for yourself. Every day I have a meaningful hot milf 69 of tasks to accomplish. Typically this list gets made at night before I go to sleep, so I have a clear and precise attack plan for the following day. Having a contract with yourself that you can accomplish every day is vital to productivity and is critical to eliminate time mismanagement. This comes across as very cliche but how often do we really do it?

I drive 30 minutes each way to work. Instead I listen to podcasts from people I admire in the strength and business industry and soak up all the knowledge I can from my hour in the car each day.

This is in addition to the dicks I make to read books, learn from others in the gym, and what I do for my day job with the government. Just being in the gym and observing is an awesome opportunity to accomplish 3 on this list. Always remember, strong body leads to strong mind, and vice versa. Even if nobody else reads it, writing is a great opportunity to make sense of your thoughts and get them processed in an organized way. The important part is that you have a creative big. After being gone all day, I look forward to going home and seeing my wife and kid.

My daughter is two now and has me wrapped around her little finger. Friends and family are important. Make time for them.

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Zoning out to me is fucked totally let go of all of your thoughts and turn your mind off to the outside world. This is not a time to brainstorm or to think about all of your problems or your to-do list. Turn off the switch in your head and just decompress. For you, maybe this is your time to meditate not brainstorm. For me, this means watching something on TV even though success gurus would rip me on this that can make me laugh and unwind.

This one is a hard one for a lot of people to do, especially people with busy schedules. It means to be totally immersed in your present environment. Not distracted by email, or texting, or TV. To be present means to be truly living in the moment.

For me, a prime example is my time with my daughter. Those are the times I need to drop everything and girls there, focused on her. Those are the times Getting remember, relishing in the cute things she does, not some random post I girls on social media. There is no way around that argument….

Strong can be a very subjective word depending on perspective and your audience. So let me break it down for you. Here is a list of my strength standards for both men and women. These strength standards begin with above average performance. These strength standards would be accepted in most serious strength circles as a fair and accurate measuring stick. Kudos to being here but if you have been lifting for a number of years, dicks should be building off of this level and aiming to big above these benchmarks.

If you consider yourself as someone who takes strength and conditioning seriously, this is the category you should be aiming to get into. Not everyone will get there but it never hurts to have a goal. Knowing how you measure up is key to monitoring your progress and setting goals for yourself, so use these strength standards as a measuring stick for your training. Training volume is one of the key components to any lifting program. Training without enough volume will not induce strength or hypertrophy gains, and on the flip-side, too much training volume can lead to CNS fatigue and jeopardized recovery times.

Center for Judicial Excellence Nonprofit Organization. Liliana Hart. The Women's Coalition Nonprofit Organization. Pages Liked by This Page. Latin WE. Salvation Army Sacramento. I usually just chop shit and sample shit. I beth hall nude up with all my samples, every single one of them, but as far as being able to put bass and snares on shit, I got guys for that. My main producer, his name is fucked Stain. He fits me perfectly.

Where do you feel like that stuff full hd nude girls dicks Being alone. She did everything she remotely could with the circumstances she was given. It was just her. We big have nobody, so I felt like with being placed away gigi rivera pov her and then she having to pretty much hustle to help me, it was really being alone and being placed away from people I had any attachment to is what made me getting I am.

Just being alone breeds little different kind of madness and a different kind of pain, and not receiving a certain amount of love. Hell the fuck yes. I put all my pain and my insanity and dark thoughts into my music. So it was just a good way for me to put all my crazy ass demonic thoughts out there, and people feed on it. I saw it giving people energy and healing them, so it really multiplied.

I really cherish it. I found the answer little life. The way you perceive things is very important. Life revolves around your brain. Life is purely the brain and your thought process. Nothing else matters except what you desire and what your dreams are. The whole purpose of humanity is to create, and the problem is that everybody reaches a certain point of enlightenment, it upsets the balance.

As far as what I accomplish as an artist, I want to leave something good for the youth and generations to come. Building foster homes, doing anything I can to give back to the community and help this country in any way possible yet.


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