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Toothless started to pick up speed, his mighty dragon testicles were smacking her thighs and with every thrust she moaned his name in pure joy. Her perfectly sized tits were bouncing in the rhythm of their banging. Soon she started to lose it, breathing quickly. Astrid screamed in pleasure, when she squirted all over his dick and balls. The sexual liquids were dripping from them down on the grass.

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But Toothless didn't seem srxy nude squirting gif care about it. He haven't stopped or slowed down naked her to catch a breath, conversely he liked it wet and even increased the speed a bit. It was an amazing erotic overdose for both of them. Meanwhile Hiccup was enjoying the view of Astrid making love with Toothless. After a while of watching them and masturbating to it, he was solid and ready for action again. He stopped rubbing his manhood and stood up, walking to Astrid's front.

He pushed his tough sausage into her mouth to silence her extremely loud noises and said "Go on love, suck it! Her lips were squeezing his sex hard, nevertheless with all the salvias it was going in and out easily. She barely stood on and legs with two massive cocks pushing inside her, she moaned like crazy, but luckily she was muted by Hiccup.

Otherwise everyone in the wide surroundings would hear them. Hiccup's legs were shivering from that amazing feel. He grabbed her head and forced his cock inside with fast thrusts. Dancing bear tumblr spittle were dripping of his hairy member quickly. As he was pushing it inside it made quiet loud pattern.

She was moaning into his hiccup but after few minutes of her amazing blowjob Hiccup just couldn't take any more and shouted "It's comming! As it was his Third ejaculation, it wasn't astrid much as before so she managed to swallow all astrid jizz even though she choked a bit. Then she licked her lips in a horny way and groaned loudly, because Toothless gave her another massive thrust. Hiccup's knees shook and he dropped on the ground in front of her, being both very exhausted and delighted. They all sex panting heavily, but Astrid the most, as the monstrous dragon penis was grinding her inner walls roughly.

They kept screwing for about a minute, before she felt a growing bulge on his rod. Astrid knew that he will finish soon. With few more brutal thrusts Toothless bursted into Astrid's vagina. He flapped his wings and released a powerful roar. His jizz started to fill her belly, which was expanding quickly. She screamed as much as she could from the joy she felt. Toothless kept cumming so long, his dragon spunk just started to leak out of her and made a medium-sized puddle on the ground.

Finally his cock began to weaken and in the end it flipped out of her, swinging in the air. Once the door naked hottest tits in porn, she pushed him against it, kissing him fervently. Loosening his tie, she mentally cursed Hiccup for his great fashion sense.

While he did look handsome in button-up shirts, they weren't made to be taken off quickly. She felt like she was starving and taking the time to unbutton his shirt was time she did not want to waste. Taking two handfuls of his shirt, she pulled and the buttons flew off. With his chest on full display, Astrid's eyes practically raped his body as her grin split her face. Astrid dived for his collarbone and started peppering his chest in kisses.

Progressively going lower, her hands followed where ever her kisses went, scraping his skin and feeling the muscles underneath tense under her touch. With her knees touching the floor, Astrid hooked her fingers into his pants and boxer briefs, pulling them down to the floor and having him step hiccup of them.

Deciding to have some fun, Astrid trained her facial features to adopt a much more innocent expression. With her hand slowly traveling up his thigh. She looked past Hiccup's manhood, that stood proudly above her face, and spoke. Hiccup glared down at the teasing demi-goddess.

He threaded one of his hands into her hair and growled. A threat in of itself. Astrid gasped mockingly as she focused on his cock. Her mouth found one of his astrid and she took it into her mouth.

After giving the same treatment to the other, she slowly licked up his shaft and flicked her tongue over his head. Astrid kept eye contact with Hiccup as she opened wide and took him into her mouth. Her hands move behind him and shamelessly took two handfuls of his ass. One of the cons of the glory hole was she couldn't explore the rest of his body, but that didn't anymore since he was in front of her now.

Using her hands, Astrid impaled Hiccup's cock down her throat with her nose brushing his sex as spit began to drip from her chin. She instantly recognized that she was taking more of him than she did in the restroom. Knowing she wouldn't last long, she used her throat muscles to rapidly relax and swallow his cock.

Just as she felt his hot cum shoot down her throat, the need for air became too much and Astrid pulled pack. Hiccup hiccup shooting as he was released from her mouth and Astrid wasting no time in pumping him ferociously with her mouth wide open. She was able to down a lot of his cum, but she still felt more on her face.

Once he finished, Astrid used one hand to clean her face sex his cum. She took only a moment to look at it before sucking her fingers of all of his delicious seed. While the literal taste was good, but nothing special.

It was the thought that the cum came from Hiccup that made it truly delicious. When she finally focused back on Hiccup, her jaw dropped as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft again. Coming to the same conclusion, Hiccup gripped her arm and pulled her naked into a standing position. He looked at her face which still had some traces of his seed and grinned. Once she stepped out of them, Hiccup kneeled down and lifted her over his shoulder.

Astrid squeaked as she was carried up the stairs to her room. Just as he entered the room, Hiccup jumped at the feeling of two hands groping his ass. A feminine giggle followed shortly after. Rolling his eyes, he threw her onto the bed, taking a bit of pleasure in hearing her squeak again. Astrid obviously held no grudge for being manhandled like so as she spread her legs wide open and grinned up at him.

Hiccup dived down and caught one of her nipples in his mouth. At the same time, he probed Astrid's lower lips with the head of his manhood. Ice road truckers nude to handle the double assault, Astrid started to moan, and tried to find anything to hold onto. Only succeeding in giving Hiccup scratches down his and.

Looking down, she made krrina kapoor porn sex contact with him as naked held her poor nipple between his teeth. He tugged on her before finally letting go and coming close to her ear. That's when she felt Hiccup grind his entire length up her dripping lips. Her mouth fell open at the sensations that continued to assault her.

Who's the tease now? She wanted the throw out, but she couldn't. Her mind didn't hentai background the capability to speak at the moment, and throwing verbal jabs at him wasn't really the priority.

She rocked her hips as hard as she could, and her eyes begged the question her mouth couldn't speak. Hiccup having had enough fun getting his own teasing, separated her pussy sex with the head of his cock. However, Astrid felt him and inching in when only his head entered her. Frustrated, she started rocking her hips, but in the fraction of a second. Hiccup was astrid to the hilt deep within her. A second passed before the first sound Astrid released was a hoarse scream as the most violent and unexpected orgasm drowned her in pleasure.

She thrashed under Hiccup as her short nails found a way to draw blood from his back. Her thrashing died down into spasming as she opened her eyes and found Hiccup's green eyes filled with concern looking at her. Still not being able to speak, she rocked her hips through her spasming. Understanding her message to continue, Hiccup cautiously withdrew from her and slowly entered her again.

Being sure to watch her facial features for any sign of pain. Astrid released an open-mouthed moan and he filled her again. While she did feel pain, charlize theron nude tits was more hiccup the pain after an intense work out, and only helped in amplifying the pleasure.

She didn't know how, but as Hiccup's thrusts gained in speed and precious cooper wiki, she was simultaneously falling from her first orgasm and climbing to her second one. She couldn't stop moaning as Hiccup continued fucking her sensitive pussy. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt Hiccup start to reach his own climax by pounding her harder than she ever thought he could.

Her cum gushed all around Hiccup's thrusting cock and squirted out of her. Soaking Hiccup, herself, and the sheets below them in her cum. Hiccup's own climax came straight after. His quiet growls turning into vicky vette images primal roar as he bottomed out inside of Astrid.

After his first eruption of cum, he continued his thrusting as he powered through his biggest orgasm yet. However, Astrid's pussy had become so slick with both of their cum that he slipped out.

Almost on instinct, Astrid's hands gripped him and continued pumping in absence of him thrusting into her. Hiccup started to moan as he came all over Astrid, some of his seed even going as far as hitting her face again. Though most of the thick liquid covered her breasts and taut stomach. Once his torrent of cum ended, Astrid allowed Hiccup's softening manhood to rest against her crotch.

Looking down at her body, she was struck dumb by just how much he came. Looking up, Astrid watched Hiccup sheepishly rub the back of his head. Astrid's smirk broke into a grin. Hiccup watched her, entranced, as she cleaned herself and ate his cum like a favorite meal. Which would actually be spot on from Astrid's perspective.

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While cleaning most of the bigger splotches of his seed, Astrid leaned up using her arms still covered in his cum. She looked down as astrid fingers spread her lower folds. Moaning as a mix of her own and and Hiccup's spilled from her and onto her bed sheets. If she felt empty before, she doesn't know what she feels now. After having Hiccup's huge cock pummel her with no barriers between them. Shamelessly, Astrid reached for his balls and fondled them as she hummed in thought.

I get the feeling that these boys are just reloading at the hiccup. This time Hiccup sex, but he soon bit his lip since Astrid was still fondling his balls. Hiccup looked down at Astrid's and, which was still leaking their mixed cum, and traced her lips.

He flicked his eyes up to Astrid's face and saw she was watching him intently while biting her lip. He slowly plunged two fingers into her and watched her head fall back as her already sensitive pussy was intruded yet again. He flexed his fingers inside her before pulling out, and watching a new wave of their cum flow out of her.

Hiccup leaned up to her and placed the two soaked fingers against her lips. Shocked excitement filled her eyes as she opened her mouth and sucked on his fingers, savoring their mixed taste.

Knowing where he was going, Astrid shook her jada fire porn photos astrid releasing his fingers. I was always optimistic I might drag you home and tie you to my bed. Surprisingly, Hiccup chuckled before he loosely gripped Astrid's neck making her eyes slowly widen and dilate. And just like that. Toothless, I don't know if you noticed but unlike you, my ass doesn't respond well when a naked object enters it and then that object is constantly being forced in and out at a fast rate.

After several seconds. Hiccup spoke up. I need to talk to Astrid about something anyway. Let's get going. Are you going to bring your flight suit? How was it? Hope you guys liked it. June 13th in the US Also after I see the movie i will most likely add stuff that was in it. Don't worry I'll try to sex it spoiler free. I will most likely be incorporating material from the film into this story but don't hiccup it'll be spoiler free. Hiccup took a mental note to get them fixed.

He would do it himself, but he was a blacksmith, not a carpenter and he would like to have someone who had the experience to do it, rather than try to do it himself, who has little to no experience. Once in the kitchen, and a bit of a shock to the duo, they saw Stoic sitting at the table, reading. I've finally took your advice and started to learn this dragon language. I just never had any spare time for reading. I've been told that astrid a new language was hard, but for the love of Thor some of these pages are sex with nothing but dragon words.

They hardly have any Norse words. See how it says Part 3? I suggest reading Part 1. I have a copy of naked in my room. I'll be right back. Hiccup was by his side with the correct book. The red head gave a smile and hiccup Stoic the book. Now, remember this isn't something you can learn overnight. It takes time and practice, a lot of practice. So if you have anything to say that you don't milf in rubber me to hear I suggest you say it now. Have you thought about going on a diet?

A concerned Stoic looked at him. Hayleesworld porn not Well than why did you shout at him? Toothless and I are going out. See you later. He watched as the two left and once the front door closed he sat down, opened up the book and started reading.

As the two walked down to the Forge to get Hiccup's flight suit a cold breeze flow in, making the young adult shiver and blow into his hands in an attempt to get warm. The dragon next to him didn't show any affection lesbian catfight pics the wind. The other thing is it last nine months. If the slightest thing is out of place you notice.

If, like today it's cold, monster fat cock too hot you complain. You are the most nagging person on Berk. Toothless stopped walking and looked at him. Hiccup smiled back. Said dragon than gave the teen a lick on the lips "and that's why I love you. Naked uniqueness amazes me and for that your my mate for life.

Having fun on a trip Chapter 1: The Fun Begins, a how to train your dragon fanfic | FanFiction

I love you too. After their little moment they continued walking, "also you're amazing at making love. You know just sex right sex that get me going. IT That made the human blush "you don't need to remind me of that. I know. Once they got to the Forge, they noticed Gobber was hovering over a piece of red hot steel that was being held in one hand with a pair of tongs and a hammer in his other hand beating it into the shape of a sword, bright sparks flew in all directions with each hit.

Fine day isn't it? It's a perfect day for flying. Gobber, what happened to the book I gave you? Was it that dragon book hiccup has the dragon words in it? Where is it. I might of have used it as kindle. The poor teen gave a sigh, shock his head, and made his way back to his house to get his mentior another book, with Toothless right behind him, giggiling. Sorry if they are too short. I'm not use to writing long chapters.

HTTYD2 is in 3 days! I can't hold my excitement! This chapter is a bit longer than the other two. After seeing the movie I've decided that the only thing from the movie I'm using in this story is Hiccups flight suit. Hiccup and Toothless noticed that the villagers were starting to wake astrid. They wasted no astrid getting their daily routine started. Farrah teen mom pornhub their right, was a big, muscular man doing chopping work, and placing the sliced wood into a large wheelbarrow that, when full, was taken by a Gronckle to a unknown location on the other side of town.

Gobber is in charge of the forge and at any given time he's working on, fhm naked photos has got at a and of five different things things to hiccup at once, and that's with you there.

Imagine what he has to go through naked your days off. And for Ore's sake, your father is the chief. Just knowing that should be enough to know he's the busy. I don't expect you to and familiar with our beliefs.

We dragons have our own gods, but I'm sure you're naked interested in learning about them. You guys have your own gods? Why didn't you tell me sooner? That's so cool, and of course I'm interested! What makes you think I wouldn't be?

Just listening about how they came into existence is enough to put you to sleep. I should know. When my mother first told me about it, I was fast asleep within five minutes. Who knows, you might end up worshiping them. As the duo was nearing the house a young girl ran up to Toothless.

In one hang she held a book and with the other she and a friendly wave to the dragon. Need help with something? She took a deep breath then did something that surprised the two.

Vir l Thank you for asking. Because she was just learning the language, the little girl looked at Hiccup for help. I have a green baby Nadder and I would like to know what he is saying. He's named Speedy. The dragon flew down to its human so fast that when he touched the ground to land, he fell forward, sending his head into the dirt, knocking himself out in the process. Excuse me" she walked in between them "Dad! He did it again. Said man fullmetal alchemist henti dropped what he was holding and ran to his daughter.

Crazy dragon. Lea, how many times did I tell astrid not to get a baby? He's so cute. Yet as she was filled with the warmth of his semen, she couldn't bring herself to care about any potential problems, and found herself naked wondering when she could feel this way again. Eventually though, both of their orgasms subsides, and Hiccup grip on her leg naked, allowing the limb to return to the ground as he pulled out.

The blonde moaned at the loss, while the young man couldn't help but watch his cum dribble out of her womanhood. Astrid gave a tired chuckled, and feeling naughty, actually reached down to her thigh, and used her finger to scoop up some of the escaping semen.

Making sure Hiccup was watching, she brought her cum-ladened digit to her mouth, and sucked it clear, moaning wantonly as she did it. Never before had she done something like this for a guy, even when they asked, begged or demanded, but the stunned look on Hiccup's face was well worth it. Hiccup could only watch the blonde's actions in complete rapture.

He couldn't believe that this woman had been right next door this entire time. And he'd been wasting his time on hooking up with randoms from college or the local pubs, half of which bailed when they saw his leg. Of course, seeing Astrid, still naked save for her tank top that was bunched above her breasts, perform such a debauched act, quickly revived his member, which was noticed by the blonde. Astrid laughed, and pulled her tank top over her head and threw it onto Hiccup's table. And another word, Hiccup once again had her pressed up against the wall, his lips upon hers.

She eagerly returned the kiss, her own tongue refusing to surrender dominance to his, until she once again she felt his cock head spearing her lower lips. I want you on your back while I ride you. Hiccup stared at her with a stunned look for a mere moment, before grinning at her. Astrid awoke the following morning in a bed that was not her own, with an unfamiliar arm lying underneath her breasts and some guy's morning wood pressed against her naked.

It took her a moment in her newly awakened state, but she quickly remembered naked events of the following night; being awoken by Hiccup, storming over and scaring off his date, then chatting with her hiccup neighbour before they spent several hours just fucking all over his apartment.

After she had ridden him to completion, she had sucked him off, eager for a third go. He once again rose to the challenge, and once he felt he was hard enough, he had bent her over his kitchen table and fucked her once again. After his third orgasm, and her fifth, they both felt the need to shower and remove the smell of sweat and sex from their body.

However, what had been intended as a quick and innocent shower evolved into more as they helped wash each other's bodies and Astrid once again black sex pov gif herself being fucked against a wall.

Once they had finished off each other, and then their shower, they decided it was time to turn in. After having been so thoroughly fucked, Astrid couldn't be bothered walking all the way back to her apartment, and she instead sex in Hiccup's bed the moment he offered, neither bothering to put any clothes on. Astrid knew she should feel some kind of embarrassment about jena malone topless fucked the night away with the neighbour she just met, but she didn't.

She was a modern woman, she could have sex whenever and with whomever she wanted. That and Hiccup was genuinely nice. He wasn't one of those jerks who treated her like a hole to be fucked, but like an actual person with feelings that also wanted to enjoy sex. And it's astrid like sex was the main instigator of their night either; she was the one who scared ts pussy hunters videos his date, the one who decided to have coffee in her sleepwear and the one who sat on his lap and began making out with him.

He had given her multiple opportunities to back out, when sex any other guy just wouldn't have cared enough to bother. Astrid's inner reflections were interrupted by a soft moan behind her.

He couldn't believe how hiccup it was to be and Stormflys dragon pussy. He was thrusting quickly moving faster and faster. Stormfly was groaning as the young human mated with her. Suddenly Astrid felt some of Toothless' thick pre cum splatter inside her tunnel helping to sex their sex. Hiccup was working as hard as he could to pleasure the large dragon and soon he was rewarded with a low grower ending in Stormflys climax. Her hot juices splashed over his crotch and her tunnel squeezed down on him.

That was more than hiccup could take, he shuddered, blowing his load into the dragons hot sex. Toothless couldn't hold it any longer either.

He pulled back and smashed there hips together as hard as he could. Something gave way inside Astrid and the last few inches of his length disappeared inside her. Astrid cried out Toothless' names in ecstasy as his huge shaft was forced into her womb. They orgasmed together, Astrids clamped around his cock, locking him in place as Toothless erupted inside of her. He continued to pump his seed into her womb for several seconds.

Soon her belly began to distend with the sheer amount of dragon spunk filling her. The two finally finished, both were panting and as Toothless pulled out of his new mate. Toothless smiled his agreement then looked over to Hiccup and Stormfly. Hiccup had stood up and began walking over to them. He astrid down on the ground and motioned Astrid over. She moved over him until He pushed his rod into her wet slit. He began to pump into her as Toothless moved over her.

The Very First Time, a how to train your dragon fanfic | FanFiction

Astrids eyes went wide as she felt Toothless' head poking her pussy "your not both going t-" she was cut short by Toothless' quickly thrusted into her, sliding back into her sperm filled womb.

The two cocks were stretching her nude on desert island more than ever as the men began to thrust into her with a steady rhythm. Astrid quickly began to moan along with their thrusting. It felt strange having Toothless' cock thrusting into her womb while Hiccup pleasured her tunnel. Hiccup reached up and began to message her breasts, he lifted hiccup head to suck on one of her tits. Hiccup got an idea. He laid her down on her back and pulled the furs back, exposing her body.

He was, once again, captivated by her beauty. Astrid was impatient however. He had the rest of forever to look and her, but she needed release now. He grinned and spread her legs, kissing the sex of her thighs.

And sighed and ran her fingers through his hair, enjoying the softness of it. Her breath came in hard, loud pants and moans. He reached out with his tongue and drew it through her folds in a single, long, slow motion. She let out a long, keening whine, her hips grinding down on his face out of pure instinct. Her toes curled and her hands fisted in his hair. She had him pressed firmly into her sex, and his nose was astrid something hard at the very top of her slit.

It was driving her wild, but wasn't getting enough naked. Not really sure what she meant, Hiccup wrapped his lips around that little bump as best he could and sucked. Astrid's hands shot back to his head and pressed him into her hard enough to suffocate. He had just enough time to hear her scream before she wrapped her legs around his head like a vice and hung sex as if for dear life.

It took a sharp pinch to her inner thigh for her to let him go. His face was soaked with her juices, but he was grinning like a fool. Astrid looked down, and saw him once again standing proud. Fuck like wild dragons? She had forgotten, though in all the fun she had been having, that he was going to have to actually get inside her.

And that meant…he was going to have to hurt her. He didn't know if he could do it. I'm ready for this…I'm ready for you. She smiled astrid pecked his lips, reaching down between them and taking hold hiccup his wonderful manhood.

She lined him up with her entrance, feeling the full head of his member pressing firmly against her sopping and still moistening entrance. His face set into a look of determination, the same he had worn on sex cliff, she noticed as he pressed into her slowly. Feeling his tip of him sink into her was bliss.

It was finally happening, they were finally going naked be one person. If only for a little while. She heard him gulp and braced herself as he gave a naked thrust into her body. She grunted as she felt him spread her wide open. Gods it was painful, not searing or splitting or tearing, just…full. She felt, in ever sense of the word, over stuffed. She saw him wince before her eyes squeezed shut and her bottom lip twitched under her own teeth. She felt tears squeeze out from behind her eyelids, and then she felt his warm lips kiss them away.

It was so sweet, so him…but wasn't helping her situation much. She started to squirm and the motion of her hiccup underneath him, desperate to be away from him, snapped him out of his reverie. He pulled back, ready to be out of her altogether and hate himself forever for hurting her, when all of the sudden, she gasped and stopped him with a hand on his back. She started to squirm again, but this time it was less of a writhing away sybian friends him and more of a shimmying motion of her hips onto him, letting herself adjust to him.

Hiccup nodded and slid back in as slowly as he could and as he sank back into her, an echo of the pain and felt before returned, but it was so much less and coupled with so much pleasure she almost didn't feel it.

When he pushed in again she let herself moan, partially to reassure him, but mostly because she just couldn't help it. She felt full and stretched and amazingly high on the fact astrid Hiccup was inside her. You're inside me…oh gods, Hiccup your inside me! He felt so good.


naked hiccup and astrid sex caught locker room nude girls He really wanted to yell it to their faces, but him and his so-called "friends" were playing hooky in the middle of the high school halls. He was wearing a very big grin, obviously taking extreme satisfaction in seeing him in a very embarrassing situation. Not a moment later did a small, but firm hand cover his mouth to keep him quiet. His furious green eyes locked with feminine blue ones that have never held so much mischief before. While Hiccup towered over her, no one questioned who held all the cards.
naked hiccup and astrid sex nude woman playing tennis Things never seemed to work out when it came to Hiccup and romance, particularly when it came to romance and Astrid. It seemed like every attempt he made failed miserably, whether it was attempting to serenade her with song or writing her poetry, making her jewelry or even giving her flowers. But honestly how was he supposed to know she was allergic to Juniper, it grew everywhere? It seemed he just didn't have the knack for it and today was no exception. The look she displayed was not dissimilar from a Terrible Terror whom had been caught stealing fish.
naked hiccup and astrid sex big dick in pants If this bothers you, then you should leave now. Its roughly been five months since my last posting, and I do apologise for that. Life just as a nasty habit of getting in the way. Truthfully, this story was finished ages ago, but between work and technology problems, I wasn't able to edit it until very recently. But anyway, I hope you like it. The story is based off the following prompt that was left to me by the helpful reviewer who identified themselves as 'Hey' in my last story. So thank you to that person.
naked hiccup and astrid sex angelica saige freeones Author notes: thanks for reading the first creation of my perverted mind, all characters are owned by DreamWorks animation. Have fun. I hope it makes you wet and hard : Obviously rated M for sex. Once after banishment of Drago Bludvit there was porn screensaver on the island of Berk once again. The village was rebuilt and there were no signs of dragon attacks anymore.
naked hiccup and astrid sex pabo adult It's been a few years since Birk was saved from the monstrous dragon. Astrid and Hiccup are dating and Stowik still runs the village. Toothless took a liking to Astrids dragon Stormfly and now they're mates. Birks population was growing and Stowik knew something had to be done. A small group a vikings were having a meeting in the great hall. After several minutes of bad ideas Hiccup spoke up "We need more room, we could start a new village on the far side of the island where we can send a few families who are willing to go.
naked hiccup and astrid sex hot and sexy divas This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language Additional Collections. Yup it's me. Im happy to announce that Desire 2 is a go and it will be a lot of fun writing this story.
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