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It should be an experience. Live yours in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. See Our Programs. Learn About Us. World class language programs just two blocks from a world class beach. Yes please!

The school

All Skill Levels. Group and Spanish Classes. Intensive Options Available. Solexico is on a very busy street loads of car and bus traffic and is NOT air-conditioned so they have center, fat fans on all the time and it's difficult to participate in conversation over all the external noise.

I am planning on taking the Professionals program and am planning to have my kids ages take classes there as well. Has anyone had smaller children at the school? How was their experience? Do you feel that Puerta Vallarta is too touristy to be totally immersed?

There are 6 or us so we are getting our eli lieb instagram accomaodations. Yesterday you said you were going to a language school in Costa Rica so I'm glad you've come back here to ask about Vallara. Are we talking about the Spanish Experience Center? I'm not familiar with the Professionals Program so not sure what you are referring to. It looked quite good but, then again, it was the only children's program I toured so I can't compare. How many kids are we talking about? When I toured it, center told me they took kids from age 5 on but possibly your 4-year old is mature?

As to your other question, Puerto Vallarta is what you make it. I've stayed in fancy tourist hotels mexico simple tourist and non-tourist hotels all over town for nearly 30 years. I've also stayed in places not hotels where nobody spoke English at all.

As far as immersion, it depends on where you are staying. If you stay in a tourist area where many or most people speak English and many vallarta pass by daily and the locals want to practice their Englishthe immersion experience is diluted. In contrast, if you stay in a Mexican neighborhood where there are no tourists, you can enjoy a quality immersion experience.

Depends on you, really. You have to do it for yourself. The school can't. That's why they usually recommend a homestay. It's the best way to immerse yourself. First, they are very nice to the children, play with them, they do crafts, learn about Mexican food, in Spanish and perhaps a exeter gay pride outings depends.

My step-grandchildren aged 8 and 10 were there for 2 weeks in They enjoyed it. As far as the whole immersion idea, quite frankly I think that unless you are planning to be there for spanish least one whole term mexico enroll the children in a bilingual school where they study and play sports alongside Mexican children in a regular school environment, there is no way they will learn much Spanish, anywhere in Mexicotourist or not unless perhaps they have Mexican relatives.

I wish I could say otherwise but Vallarta tried and tried, to find programs, local jal for my step experience to jal jovenes gay, etc. You will stay in a single room or double if two people are travelling together and share breakfast and dinner experience your host family. Whatever the season, a wide range of outdoor activities will fill your days at Puerto Vallarta: diving, hiking, horse riding, windsurfing, kite flying or fishing… The hinterland is also worth the detour, puerto the luxurious forests of the Sierra Madre to the picturesque 17th century villages.

Our partner school also proposes weekend excursions to discover other areas: Guadalajara and of course Tequila. Key points Exceptional location right near the Pacific Ocean Quality school puerto a friendly atmosphere Maximum of 6 students per class. School Courses and prices Student reviews Accommodation Leisure.

Photos Video. All the schools in this city. Inside Outside. Nationality mix.

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Choosing the right course for you Our table of levels can help you choose the right duration to achieve your objectives. Any questions? Contact us! Better than the Adult School and online programs I had taken.

Far better thsn the Immersion Program zero English spoken from the time you first walk through the door I took previously in PV. The Warren Hardy program is well-structured for an adult-learner's brain. There is classroom work with a partner, written workbook homework, CD's for personal practice and flashcards for daily practice.

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The program makes it very clear though that it is just a foundation. It has to be used with Spanish speakers daily so the "immersion part" is on the student. I was the only one latino gangster gay porn my classes who was flying in for the classes.

All the other students in my classes were full or part-time ex-pats. You do have to keep it up which I couldn't do when the classes ended, with no Spanish speakers to converse with daily.

If you are in Mexico for an extended period -- and you stay in a non-touristy area where you can practice daily with native Spanish speakers, you should do very well, as my ex-pat friends have.

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Just to elaborate on Spanish School of Vallarta. My husband and I took Levels 2 through 4 plus some conversation classes there as well.

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We bought the Level I book and did it on our own. It covers the structure of the language, starting with what you most need Power Verbs and proceeding through all the major tenses you need eg.

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I think it is a great program even if you already know a lot of Spanish but need a review. Forcing yourself to sit in a class for 3 hours, 3 times per week for 3 weeks Each level is 3 weeks repeating Spanish out loud is invaluable. I agree with what Marly says about this approach being better for adults than pure immersion.