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Why you should watch it: "It's become a classic and it's a brave love story that will give you flashes of melancholy, despair, anticipation, and joy.

Not all submissions are from Community users. Posted on September 10,GMT. Ajani Bazile. Genre: Romantic comedy What it's about: A high school senior plans on losing his virginity to his longtime girlfriend, but when he meets a charming gay guy from the other side of town, he starts to question his own sexuality.

Why you should watch it: "It covers internalized homophobia really well. Little Big Horn Films.

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Genre: Romantic drama What it's about: A young artist is torn between his obsession with his socialite best friend and a new relationship with an older pianist. Genre: Psychological horror thriller What it's about: A troubled violin prodigy tracks down the star pupil of her former teacher, and they embark on a menacing journey with twisted consequences.

Orion Pictures. Genre: Drama What it's about: A young sheep farmer gets through his daily life with drinking and casual sex until he forms an intimate bond with a Romanian migrant worker. Universal Pictures. Genre: Comedy What it's about: Two elite Manhattan drag queens take a hopeless young queen under their wing and embark on best shemale video road trip to make it to Los Angeles for a competition.

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Off-White Productions. Genre: Documentary What it's about: The film explores drag queens, the origins of ball culture, and the queer community in New York City. Oscar Crosby Films.

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Fans rallied behind the SaveODAAT hashtag in the hopes of convincing another platform to pick up the sitcom, which follows the lives of the Alvarez family. The series takes on heavy topics like mental health, racism, citizenship, and queerness, exploring difficult realities through a family lens. Four months after its cancellation at Netflix, PopTV announced that it was picking the series up for a fourth season, but to tide you over, the first three remain available to stream on Netflix for now.

Chronicling the often complicated lives of predominantly black and Latin gay men and trans women who compete in joyful, exuberant, voguing-filled balls, director Jennie Livingston turns her watchful eye to both the pleasure and pain of the people she interviews. More relevant than ever movies, unsurprisingly, just as controversialthe film remains required viewing for anyone looking to understand the identity-obsessed times we live in.

Ryan Murphy's first Netflix series is all about the highs and lows, the losses and triumphs of… high school elections. Ben Platt Dear Evan Hansen plays Payton Hobart, a student convinced that his road the United States presidency begins with winning his high school student body election. Of course, things aren't that netflix -- Payton has to grapple with the twists and turns that get thrown trans way while he keeps up a secret relationship with his opponent, River.

It's all a bit excessive, but entertaining nonetheless. Posecreated by Ryan Murphy, made waves from its start for having the largest cast of trans actors as series regulars on a scripted show, which includes Janet Mock and Our Lady J. This site, like almost every other site on the web, collects certain amounts of data about its users. Including analytical data about where you are, the browser type you are using and how many pages you view.

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Run Time: 97 min IMDb: 6. Run Time: min IMDb. Johnny works hard during the day and spends his nights binge drinking and engaging in sexual encounters with men. The family hires a Romanian migrant worker named Gheorghe to help Johnny manage the farm, and the two men slowly enter an intense relationship that alters the course of both their lives.

While Hanks plays the victim in this case, Andrew Beckett, Denzel Washington plays his homophobic lawyer, Joe Miller, who fights his wrongful dismissal case, bringing his story to light. The film is both lyrical and moving and won justifiable acclaim for its talented cast, including a Best Supporting Actor award for Mahershala Ali as a sympathetic drug dealer. Critics Consensus: Viva flirts with melodrama, but ultimately rises on the strength of strong performances and a thoroughly relatable message.

Directed By: Paddy Breathnach. Critics Consensus: Alex Strangelove offers a refreshingly insightful -- and fittingly adult -- take on teen sexuality enlivened by smart humor and a fearlessly progressive approach. Directed By: Craig Johnson. Critics Consensus: Handsome Devil offers a charming, well-acted variation on the coming-of-age story with a few fresh topical twists.

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Directed By: John Butler. Critics Consensus: Heart-wrenching performances center Holding the Man, an achingly beautiful portrayal of love and death that may be too real for some. Critics Consensus: Led by a pair of compelling performances, The Perfection is a smart, gripping thriller that barbs its wild twists with cutting wit.

Directed By: Richard Shepard.

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Critics Consensus: Smart, nuanced, and sexy, Concussion transcends its more awkward moments thanks to Robin Weigert's remarkable starring performance. Directed By: Stacie Passon. Directed By: Carlos Marques-Marcet. Critics Consensus: I Am Michael takes a determinedly balanced approach to its complex subject, and although the results don't always add up, they're anchored by strong work from James Franco. Directed By: Justin Kelly. Critics Consensus: Head On's narrative rambles at times, but its raw, sensual approach creates a powerful, resonant rumination on identity.

Directed By: Ana Kokkinos. Directed By: Ben A. Starring: Janae Marie Kroczaleski. Directed By: Michael Del Monte. Directed By: Jennifer M.