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Police investigating nude photos found on Tumblr

Starting on December 17,any post s that have been flagged will be reverted to a private setting viewable only by you.

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However, those who repeatedly and deliberately post new content that violates our updated guidelines may have their account deactivated per our Terms of Service.

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Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Nudes recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Swedish artist Agnes de Frumerie with an unknown model. Tagged: 20th CenturyVincenzo Galdigaldivintage nudeartistic nudevintage male nudeleopardskin6. Tagged: Affectionate Menpair portraitstudio photographvintage photographvintage menhatstumblr Century4.

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Enquiries this way, sir. Send me something splendid. This blog has been a small hobby for me. It has been an occasional, and sometimes frequent respite…a place to go to shut out an increasingly insane world and find peace, comfort and happiness in adoration of what I consider to be better women from better times. It has been, quite honestly, pure escapism.

Vintage Goddess Shrine has always perfectly described my intent here.

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I have made it a point to make my blog as relatively apolitical as I can manage, the above rant aside. I use a different platform for that purpose, when I want to engage in soul-crushing reality.

Along the way here, however, I have come to follow many users who prefer to season their similar content with political pontification. I have remained largely silent, even when I found some commentary ridiculously naive, and often offensive to the sensibilities of a grounded and thinking adult.

Courtney Love

In return my silence has occasionally rewarded me in that I have found at least a handful of dedicated comrades in my primary purpose, the expression of affection and appreciation for that mentioned above. I am thankful to those who have chosen to communicate with me in the past, tumblr to the established figures who wished to know my vintage for the Tumblr post-apocalypse.

I had thought to just call it all a wash. In truth, there are many other things to which Nudes ought devote my time and effort.

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But the fact is that it would be something of a loss for me.


tumblr vintage nudes celebrity pussy gallery Given the decision vintage Tumblr to ban the content it is primarily known for, I will be joining other connoisseurs of fine nude photography elsewhere. I will waste little time here attacking Tumblr for its monumentally stupid decision, as that is being done elsewhere quite capably, except to say that the future here seems to be a home for the echo chambers of shitlibs, cat ladies of all 73 gendersassorted misfits and, apparently, right-wing white supremacist neo-nazi fascists…although I nudes never seen any instance of the latter. It is evident that there is no need for me to continue here. This blog has been a small hobby for me. It has been an occasional, and sometimes frequent tumblr place to go to shut out an increasingly insane world and find peace, comfort and happiness in adoration of what I consider to be better women from better times.
tumblr vintage nudes ebony chick fucked And then there are those hundreds of other panels of course—I vintage post one every hour and still never run out:. It should be obvious now: everyone sensed, alluded, or knew there was more going on between these two. Both the head artist and head writer were familiar with handling sexual themes in comics. The open-faced innocence of both characters allowed the team to sneak in the occasional raunchy gag or scene without drawing too much suspicion to themselves. Occasionally though, maybe out of sheer ballsiness, or maybe boredom, or maybe because it was the s, Doyle went for nudes more shameless approach—never more blatantly than in the story tumblr Betty loses her memory and becomes a mud wrestler until Jughead, disguised as a girl, pornpucs her …. Children and Tumblr Staff should leave the room. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Tumblr policy change to disallow adult content?
tumblr vintage nudes essek ve kadin sikisme pornolari I had more photographs to post, and no less love for my subject. Thank you all. Calavas, some we have seen before mixed with some we have not. My favourite is the extremely graceful pose, centre-right, on the third row. Laurel-wreathed and swathed in pale fabric, this young man poses as the famed Nudes emperor Nero, for the camera of Candaulisme tube von Gloeden in the s. The rather indistinct hazy quality of this picture by Vincenzo Galdi does not detract from the loveliness of the scene, which reminds me of this other image from the same photographer - perhaps even the same model there on the vintage. A moment of theatrical drama for two von Gloeden models here, enacting some thrilling and tragic tumblr from myth or legend for the camera.
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