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Not so in this movie. In this movie, he comes off as an asshole who severely needs psychiatric help. The movie is mostly about the next stupid, weird and absolutely awful I mean awful as in awful for a human being to do thing to do that will make me detest the character even more.

And that was the highlight of the movie. Asshole characters can be very funny when done right. The difference being is that these characters are actually funny.

The joke is just him acting like a douche and nothing else.

Good comedy is more intelligent than that. Let me give you an example of good comedy from the first film. Because prior to him jumping out, we had no idea what was in the trunk. And that makes it funny. We laugh because we are surprised. There is absolutely none of that here. This movie is just so tiring.

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Even the rest of the cast look tired. In the second film, the guys looked like they were having a good time, they were trying to make a good film. The production of this movie was forced by a studio to milk money out of a franchise where none of the people actually in the movie wanted to be there.

It was just loud, unpleasant, uncomfortable, predictable and so, so not funny. Log in Sign up. Whenever I fill out my March Madness bracket. Bradley Cooper zach galifinakis gif zach galifianakis interviev help youtube the hangover the hangover 2 phil wenneck.

When my mom asks me to be open with her. Visioneers zach galifinakis gif. When I get the kids I'm babysitting to laugh for several minutes straight. When it's summertime. Me everyday: External image.

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When no one reblogs that post that you thought was hilarious. Putting gun to head. A funny reaction gif of a bearded man listening to galifianakis through his headphones and nonchalantly nodding his head; all before he casual Dog stuck between couch. A funny animated gif of a dog stuck between two couch cushions. The look of apathy on its face is hilarious. You're goddamn right I did.

An animated reaction gif of Jack Gif shouting "You're goddamn right I did! Don't worry. She'll hold together. This is an animated gif of Harrison Ford shouting "Don't worry. Squidward deflating.

An animated reaction gif of Squidward Tentacles deflating after his nose falls off. Dog refusing to eat chocolate. A funny animated gif of a dog refusing to eat a chocolate bar; as it paws it away and tries to move its head away.

I've seen this being Alrighty Then. This seex photo sex pakistan an zach reaction gif math Jim Carrey saying "Alrighty then.

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Blogger templates. Powered by Blogger. Blogger news. It ain't making me laugh, but I get it. Am I the only one around here that gives a shit ab You're a failure.

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She'll hold together Jon Snow: I know how to do it What would you do with a brain if you had one? Donna Paulsen: Bullshit Hahaha, I like that. I'm going to steal it.


zach galifianakis math gif voyeur toilet sex External image. Even bad comedies are able to get a snicker or two out of me. Which really goes to show how terrible Hangover 3 is. I liked the first Hangover, I thought it was pretty strokingthefamily, had some fun, bizarre characters and a tightly written story. Now let me put things into perspective.
zach galifianakis math gif audrey bitoni naked photos Posted on by Unknown. No comments. Post a Comment. Monday, 17 August Zach Galifianakis math. This is an animated gif of Zach Galifianakis working out math sums in his head. This is from the comedy movie The Hangoverin which Galifianakis played the crazy character Alan Garner.
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